Florida Association for Career and Technical Education

Karlee Keiper started working for FACTE in October 2014. She answers phones and helps keep the office organized.  Contact Karlee at karlee.keiper@facte.org.

Anthony Zapata started working for FACTE in October 2014. He manages the registrations for our online courses and helps keep the office organized. Contact Anthony at anthony.zapata@facte.org.

FACTE Office Staff

50th Conference Registration

Marsan Carr, M.Ed. has been the Executive Director of FACTE since 2000. She has 30+ years of experience in education, and is a shark at following CTE legislation. Contact Marsan at factexec@facte.org.

The Florida Association for Career and Technical Education is a non-profit organization committed to the development of education that will prepare both young and adult Floridians for successful careers. Our role is one of leadership and support for CTE teachers, administrators, and students, who also represent our membership. We perform this role by working towards the growth of CTE students, staff, materials, information, communication and funding. Please have a look around our site. In order to view some of the information, you will need to create an account in our discussion boards. FACTE will not share or take advantage of any personal contact information you disclose for your account.

Lesley Boyd Blanton has worked as FACTE's Office Manager since 2006. She is responsible for membership, the website, conference registration, the Enlightener, and several other tasks. Contact Lesley at lboyd@facte.org.

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